JUFE Overview

Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE), founded in 1923, is situated in Nanchang City, Jiangxi province, China. It is one of the leading universities in economics and management nationwide.

JUFE is jointly governed and sponsored by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and the government of Jiangxi province. It has been a comprehensive institution of higher learning focusing on economics and management. It also includes disciplines in law, engineering, humanity, and natural scienceagriculture, education, philosophy, and history. It has been a multi-disciplinary educational provider with its emphasis on ever-increasingly development and innovation in both teaching and research. 

JUFE has started enrolling overseas students since 1996 from our partner institutions and other countries in the world. In 2010, it became a member of International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP). It is one of the two universities in China Mainland that could exchange students with more than 300 members universities.  

JUFE is able to provide high-quality education to overseas students by offering them a majority of their undergraduate and graduate courses. There are also some courses taught in English available for their convenience. All of the face to face teaching and learning activities are conducted in small classroom environments of less than 15 students.

At present JUFE offers a wide range of scholarships to help deserving students finance their studies, including Chinese Government Scholarship, Jiangxi Province Scholarship, University Scholarship.