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Student Support Office(SSO)

Introduction of Student Support Office(SSO)

The Student Support Office (SSO) is one part of University International Office, directed by Overseas Students Division. SSO is comprised by a group of Chinese volunteers, they are young and passionate, willing to provide their service. Tiffany (Chinese name: Zhu Zhehan) is the head of this office and the volunteers team.

The service provided by the SSO are as follows:

I. Orientations in life

a) Familiarize you with our university surrounding, such as local market, electricity center, banks, etc.

b) Offer some guidance and help when you need to go out to the city

c) Pick your post parcels

d) Keep you company in seeing the doctor when necessary

e) Keep a record of your room need to be fixed

II. Assistance in Chinese learning

a) Offer help when you have difficulty in homework

b) Organize “Chinese corner”

III. Help traveling

a) Provide travel tips

b) Book hotel ,air ticket, train ticket and bus ticket online

c) Help in looking for travel agency

IV. Extracurricular activities

a) Organize community activities, e.g., volunteer teaching in village elementary schools

b) Help with taking part in student activities, e.g. sports meeting

V. Suggestions collection

Hope you find SSO a good, friendly place where you need help.

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