Jiangxi Provincial Scholarship

Jiangxi Provincial Scholarship

There are three types of Jiangxi Province Government Scholarships, and this scholarship does not guarantee whole study period and should be applied each academic year.

· A class scholarship: CNY 25,000/year for outstanding doctoral degree program students and master degree                                    program students.

· B class scholarship: CNY 20,000/ year for outstanding bachelor’s degree program.

· C class scholarship: CNY 6000/year for visiting students who have been studying in Jiangxi or plan to further                                    study for at least half a year.



1.  No violation of rules and regulations in China;

2.  Non-Chinese citizen in good health;

3.  Education background and age limit:

---Applicants for undergraduate studies must have graduated from senior high school, under 25years of age;

---Applicants for postgraduate studies must have bachelor’s degree, under 35 years of age;

---Applicants for doctoral studies must have master degree, under 40 years of age;

---Visiting students applicants should stay at JUFE for at least half a year.

4.  Excellent academic performance;

5.  HSK or other Chinese Language certificates are preferred;

6.  Not sponsored by any other kind of scholarship.



Two copies of all following application materials:

1. Scholarship Application Form (in duplicate, including one photocopy). Fill it out on computer, print on A4 paper and sign.

2. Photocopy of attained highest diploma, graduation certificate or diploma certificate. Students or employed applicants should provide proof of studying or employment. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English (in duplicates, including one photocopy);

3. Recommendation letters in Chinese or English from professors or associates professors;

4. Transcripts of HSK test or other certificates of Chinese Proficiency (if applicable)

5. Study or research plan in Chinese or English(not less than 800 words);

6. Photocopy of the applicant’s passport。



Application materials should be submitted before April 30th every year.


JUFE will organize experts to review all the applicant materials. The Overseas Students Center will notify the scholarship recipients before June 30th every year.

Application Form for Jiangxi Provincial Scholarship.doc