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Foreign Experts Recruitment


1. English Native speaker

2. Age limit: 60years. Applicants should be in good health.

3. Personality: Interested in Chinese culture and language;


Apassion for teaching, dedication to students;

Friendly manner;

Open-minded and good communication skills



1. Bachelor’s degree or above in any discipline. However, an English or Education degree is considered very       desirable.

2. RSA CELTA diploma (e.g.TESL):Pass at C grade or above

3. Royal Society of Arts –Certificate of English Language Training to Adults.

4. Minimum 2 years’ experience.Work experience in any area is desired.

5. Experience in managing large classes (say 50 students). Sliding pay scale according to the number of             students


Working contract: one year (minimum)

Working hours per week: 16-20 hours

Working day per week: 5 days

Possible courses:  Four key disciplines at undergraduate level, post-graduate and at PHD. Range of students are from intermediate or pre-advanced level.


Our offerings

1. Monthly Salary:

2. International Travelling Entitlement: The amount is calculated, based on continental (country) of origin of teachers.


3. University staff medical care

4. Free accommodation. An apartment with bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom, facilities like bedding, TV set, computer with internet access, air conditioner, telephone with international dialing, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, etc.



1. Overtime paywith overtime work

2. Free transportation once a week for shopping in the city center

3. 500Yuan per month for your electricity allowance