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Master of International Finance

Offered by School of International Education
Teaching language English
Degree Master's degree
Duration 2 years
Start date 2022 autumn
Tuition fee CNY26000/Y
Application fee 500 (RMB) / 85 (USD)
  • Course Overview
  • Program advantages
  • Entry requirements
  • How to apply
  • The Master of Finance program for overseas students will be trained to be a high-level expertise with comprehensive knowledge in finance to adapt to the requirement of modern society and economy. They will fully understand professional knowledge in the area of finance, and be equipped with the ability in financial analysis and decision making, with good competence in financial institutions, government departments and social organizations. As for the applicants of Master degree in Finance, which requires applicants facilitated with a solid theoretical foundation, deep broad knowledge of finance and higher studies and research capacity. After graduation, they may be engaged in teaching, researching and economic management.

  • With the rapid growth of Chinese economy, China is increasingly tied to the outside world. More and more foreigners wish to study in china and learn about Chinese economic and financial development. The Master of Finance program offers such possibility. Based on the rules of the Ministry of Education and the Committee of Master of Finance Education, the school of finance sets up the support system of Master of Finance overseas student program, which include:

    1. to establish the committee of Master of Finance overseas student program, which provides consultation and decision-making about the program.

    2. to establish education center for overseas students, which conducts admission, education, regulation and service for overseas students. 

  • Qualification

    1. Non-Chinese citizen in good health;

    2. Senior High School Diploma with excellent performance

    3. Language requirement:

    undergraduate programs given in English: IELTS 6.0 (exclude English native speakers)

    undergraduate programs given in Chinese: New HSK level 4(or above)

    Documents required

    1. Application Form;

    2. Two Recommendation Letters;

    3. One photocopy of your valid ordinary passport;

    4. One photocopy of your senior high school diploma and one original academic record;

    5. Photocopies of notarized diploma and academic records in English from your country (if original ones are not in English);

    6. Photocopy of your HSK certificate;

    7. Other materials that can increase your chance of admission.

  • >Step 1

    Submit Application Documents: prepare necessary documents and upload in CISS. 

    >Step 2

    Pay Application Fee: Application Fee can be paid online or ask your customer service executive for guidance.

    >Step 3

    Qualification Verification: CISS customer service executive will contact you immediately when receive the files, please pay attention to your e-mail or your CISS.

    >Step 4

    Admission Letter: the admission letter will be normally sent out within 10 working days after all documents are prepared well.

    JW202 Form: usually come out within one month after students get admitted.

    >Step 5

    Visa Application:

    > For those who applied for long term study (more than 6 months), students can apply for X visa with the admission letter and JW202 form.

    > For those who applied for short term study (less than 6 months), students are suggested to apply for L visa with the admission letter.